an ADHD coach may be your answer

If these questions resonate with you, ADHD coaching may be the answer. As a Certified ADHD Life Coach, I have been trained to work specifically with people who have ADHD or support someone with ADHD. ADHD Coaching is different from therapy or mentoring. As your coach, I am here to listen without judgment and focus on what you need right now. I understand how the unique ADHD brain functions and can guide you to develop success strategies that actually work for someone with ADHD.

future-focused & goal-oriented

ADHD Coaching is future-focused and goal-oriented. Together we will navigate through your challenges as an adult with ADHD or a parent of a child with ADHD (you do not need a formal diagnosis to work with an ADHD Coach). This process empowers you to sift through the chaos by focusing on creating strategies and workarounds tailored to your unique situation. Having ADHD is hard and can present many obstacles, but there is a way through the overwhelm and I am here to help.

it can be your superpower!

Did you know that many leading entrepreneurs, inventors, artists and elite athletes have ADHD? It’s true – the list includes Richard Branson, Simone Biles, Adam Levine and many, many more (a quick Google search will bring up a long list!). Each of these successful ADHDers learned to turn their ADHD into a superpower and I want that for you too.


Anyone can call themselves a coach, but there are specific ADHD Coach training programs that are certified by the International Coaching Federation, such as the International ADHD Coach Training Center. To get the most out of the coaching process, you will want to make sure that you are working with someone who is knowledgeable about ADHD and the coaching process, and abides by the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation.