I started working with Dr. Pereira during a time of a lot of professional and personal turbulence in my life, some good and some not so good. Our sessions have been a great combination of crisis management, self-reflection and also helpful tips and insights. Her style has helped me to get a lot of perspective on how I want to approach things to manage my ADHD, while remaining positive and relaxed. I find myself applying many new and subtle changes to my approach to things and I look forward to discovering new breakthroughs as we keep working together.
Michael B.

My teenage daughter was diagnosed with ADHD later in life at 19, in college. I wasn’t qualified to help her, did my research and found Kim online. My daughter hit it off with her instantly, and her approach was exactly what my daughter needed. Kim works with her until she finds an approach that works. She came to my daughter with an arsenal of techniques, if one didn’t work, they moved onto the next. It was everything I didn’t know how to do. Since starting coaching my daughter gets up early every day, gets to work on time, manages her finances, moved into an apartment at school, took on a second job and a leadership position in her sorority, and attends college. Most importantly is the way my daughter feels about herself, it is like she is the person she was always meant to be. Kim holds a very special place in my heart, she helped my daughter in ways I didn’t know how, and now my daughter is going to be set up for success. With continued coaching, she will reach her dreams which is what we all want. My gratitude is endless.
Rhonda A..

When I began coaching with Dr. Pereira, my goal was to be less dependent on others for accountability, create a better structure for myself, maintain balance, and create a plan to reach my short and long-term goals for my business. Having Dr. Pereira as my thinking partner helped me to sort through and organize competing priorities in my head and realize I had the skills and ability to do the things needed to achieve my goals. I’m more aware of how I naturally form habits and how I can use those learnings to create new habits that allow me to obtain the balance I was looking for. She gave me the space to reflect and evaluate roadblocks preventing forward movement which enabled me to find my voice.

We have had a wonderful experience working with Kim to navigate challenging pain points related to our 7 year old daughter’s ADHD.  Our session topics have varied from how to talk to our daughter about the diagnosis of ADHD, how to cope with problematic behaviors in social situations, and how to help her organize and complete her homework and other non-preferred tasks.  Kim’s individualized coaching helped us as parents to better support our daughter to reach her full potential while maintaining a happy and harmonious family dynamic.
Brooke D.

I really enjoy working with Kim. She is very understanding of the common traps people with ADHD fall into, and helps you to come up with strategies that are most likely to work for you. She is not at all critical. Instead, she is extremely patient and kind! Since working with her I understand better what my main organizational hangups are, and why certain types of tasks are easier to take care of than others. I still have a long way to go, and it is nice to have someone coaching you along.
 Jennifer S.

Working with Kim has worked wonders for managing my ADHD. Her coaching has helped reframe my mindset about ADHD into a more positive lens. Her forward thinking approach has helped me overcome recurring challenges in ways that have been profoundly impactful on my life. I would absolutely recommend Kim to anyone looking into ADHD coaching!